2015 Clunies Ross Award Nominations

Nominations for the 2015 Awards are now closed. For event details and to register please click here.

The ATSE Clunies Ross Awards focus on the application of Australian technological science and engineering for the benefit of the community. They highlight ATSE’s commitment to fostering innovation and commercialisation and honouring the work of those taking the nation’s leading technologies to the market place. These Awards – alone among Australia’s headline awards for science and technology – highlight the hard work, extraordinary risks and long-term commitment needed to achieve, through commercialisation, the practical marketplace impact of applied science and technology.

The appropriate nominee is a person who has made important contributions to the application of science and technology for the economic, social or environmental benefit of Australia. These are the people and the sources of inspiration that the Academy would seek to honour and identify.

In accordance with the Privacy Act, ATSE will retain and use the information provided in the Nomination Form only for the purposes related to the nomination. View the Privacy Policy.

For more information about Clunies Ross Award Nominations, please contact clunies.ross@atse.org.au