Australian Capital Territory Division

Small but active, the ACT Division regularly meets over Fellows’ dinners to discuss the achievements of those who are new to the Academy.  Fellows also attend regular field trips and briefings. 

This Division works with other Learned Academies in Canberra – helping the ATSE Office keep abreast of development in Federal Government agencies and departments.


ChairProfessor Robin Stanton FTSE
Honorary SecretaryDr Danny Llewellyn FTSE
2nd Div Rep AssemblyDr John Soderbaum FTSE
Membership Development CoordinatorDr John O'Callaghan FTSE
MemberDr John Bell FRACI, FTSE
MemberDr Joanne Daly PSM FTSE
MemberDr Sue Meek AO, FTSE
MemberProfessor John Richards AM FTSE