New South Wales Division

The NSW Division engages with government, business and the research community – discussing the Fellowship’s contribution to both strategy and other specific activities.

The Division meets over dinner, six times a year. Each dinner has a speaker – generally a new Fellow who discusses the highlights of his/her career (and the reason for his/her election). Alternatively, an expert speaker of current interests opens the night.

The NSW Division Committee meets five additional times a year to plan activities, a part of putting the Academy’s Mission and Strategies into action.


ChairDr Richard Sheldrake AM FTSE
Honorary SecretaryMr Richard Kell AM FTSE
2nd Div Rep AssemblyMr Richard Kell AM FTSE
Membership Development CoordinatorMr Alan Chappel FTSE
Events CoordinatorDr Brian Spies FTSE
MemberProfessor Rose Amal FIChemE FAA FTSE
MemberDr John Baxter FTSE FIEAust FSAEA
MemberDr Trevor Bird FTSE
MemberProfessor John Boldeman FTSE
MemberProfessor Ian Brown FTSE
MemberDr David Cook FTSE
MemberProfessor Hans Coster FTSE
MemberDr Rosalind Dubs FTSE
MemberProfessor Anne Green FTSE
MemberProfessor Robin King FTSE
MemberProfessor Nigel Lovell FTSE
MemberMr George Maltabarow FTSE
MemberDr John Sligar FTSE
MemberMr Martin Thomas AM FTSE HonFIEAust
MemberProfessor Ronald Trent FTSE