Queensland Division

The QLD Division has approximately 90 members. Division events are normally held in Brisbane at approximately two monthly intervals. These events aim to provide insights into the application of science and technology and encourage interaction between Fellows and also with the wider public.

For a number of years the Division has conducted science outreach to rural and remote schools through its Young Science Ambassadors program. This activity is now being strengthened through the roll-out of ATSE Wonder of Science to Queensland schools, starting in north Queensland in 2012.


ChairDr Carmel Hillyard FTSE
Honorary SecretaryProfessor Simon Bartlett AM FTSE
2nd Div Rep AssemblyProfessor Gordon Dunlop FTSE
Membership Development CoordinatorProfessor Kaye Basford FTSE
National Activities CoordinatorProfessor Gordon Dunlop FTSE
Events CoordinatorProfessor Mike Hood FTSE
MemberDr Thomas Connor AO FTSE
MemberDr Rowan Gilmore FTSE
MemberProfessor Anton Middelberg FTSE