Tasmanian Division

The Tasmanian Division focuses its efforts in forestry, agriculture, fisheries, mining and climate change – seeking opportunities to advise the government on these issues wherever they can.

Being the smallest Division, it meets less regularly than the rest, but is by no means less important or active. It works in close partnership with Fellows of other Learned Academies and supports the appointment of the all-important position of Chief Scientist for Tasmania.


ChairProfessor Ross Large FTSE
Honorary SecretaryProfessor Ross Large FTSE
2nd Div Rep AssemblyProfessor Bob Menary OAM FTSE
Membership Development CoordinatorProfessor Bob Menary OAM FTSE
Events CoordinatorProfessor Ross Large FTSE
MemberProfessor Tom McMeekin AO FTSE
MemberProfessor June Olley AM FTSE
MemberProfessor Jim Reid FTSE