Victorian Division

As one of the larger Divisions, the Victorian Fellows meet once a month. During these meetings, Fellows and their guests have the opportunity to meet new Fellows and enjoy presentations on a wide range of science and technology topics.

This Division supports many activities. Some of these include the ATSE Clunies Ross Awards, Forum events, seminars and briefings on agreed science and technology topics for the Victorian parliamentarians.


ChairDr Anita Hill FTSE
Honorary SecretaryProfessor Yi-Min Xie FTSE
2nd Div Rep AssemblyProfessor Yi-Min Xie FTSE
Membership Development CoordinatorDr Glen Kile AM FTSE
MemberProfessor Marilyn Anderson FTSE FAA
MemberProfessor Edward Barlow FTSE, FAIAST
MemberProfessor Brian Cherry FTSE
MemberMr Alexander Gosling FTSE
MemberDr Richard Hannink FTSE
MemberProfessor Douglas MacFarlane FAA FTSE
MemberProfessor Kerry Pratt FTSE
MemberDr Ian Sare FTSE