Our global partners

The ATSE and our 800 distinguished Fellows are working toward one thing - a universal sustainable future. So we never limit ourselves to the intelligence of just our own country. Instead we work with experts right across the globe - scientists, engineers and technical experts in areas of academia, industry and of course, the government.

Our international colleagues offer significant contribution to missions, workshops and delegations. In fact, they act as Ambassadors - encouraging exchange programs for the research leaders of tomorrow.

But our connections aren’t limited to individuals. In fact, we have linkages to some of the world’s key research institutions, industries, government agencies and other S & T organisations with the scientific community. One of which is the acclaimed Australasian Industry Research Group.

We believe collaboration is the key to fast-tracking innovation on a global scale. We promote our activities abroad and seek out opportunities through both the Australian Science and Research Advisory and Australian diplomatic posts. And we constantly engage with Councils established by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Our connections are strategic. They lead to enhanced research outcomes and a sharper competitive edge, which in-turn helps our industry move forward even faster.

ATSE’s International program

Thanks to specific federal government grants and schemes, the ATSE are able to link arms with overseas experts. From missions and workshops to delegations and exchanges, our global linkages strengthen Australia’s access to global science, engineering and technology.

Follow ATSE's latest International activities via the International Collaboration section.

International academies

Over time, international relationships have been made with like-minded organisations. Some of which include scientific and research bodies, Government ministries and sister academies.

It’s these relationships that have fostered a collaborative and highly beneficial approach to information exchange, allowing us to tap into a wealth of knowledge and know-how through:

  • exchange visits all over the world
  • joint workshops that enable the exchange of technical information and identification of collaborative opportunities
  • building new collaborative alliances
  • sustain existing collaborative relationships via memorandums of understanding.


CAETS (the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences) was founded on a single insight - many nations are dependent on technology for their economic and social welfare.

Such an insight requires an impressive team, which is why CAETS is made up of 26 engineering and applied science academies from Europe, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region, of which ATSE is an active and foundation member.

Worldwide, CAETS has proven to be an effective forum for any technology-related issues of global significance.

Find out more about CAETS and its member Academies.