The Assembly meets at least twice a year to advise the Board on strategy and policy issues. The Assembly of the Academy are all members of the Academy other than Foreign Fellows. The Assembly will operate under Terms of Reference.

For information about how to contact members of the ATSE Assembly, please contact the ATSE Governance department.

Dr Alan Finkel AO FTSEPresident
Dr Meera Verma FTSEDeputy Chair
Dr Margaret Hartley FTSEDirector
Professor Mark Bush FTSEMember
Dr David Cook FTSEMember
Professor Gordon Dunlop FTSEMember
Dr Bruce Godfrey FTSEMember
Dr Anita Hill FTSEMember
Dr Carmel Hillyard FTSEMember
Mr Richard Kell AM FTSEMember
Professor Robin King FTSEMember
Professor Ross Large FTSEMember
Mr Kenneth Matthews AO FTSE FAIM FIPAAMember
Professor Bob Menary OAM FTSEMember
Professor Alison Ord FTSEMember
Professor Karen Reynolds FTSEMember
Dr John Soderbaum FTSEMember
Professor Robin Stanton FTSEMember
Professor Yi-Min Xie FTSEMember
Professor Kaye Basford FTSEObserver
Professor Peter Gray FTSEObserver
Dr Paul Greenfield AO FTSEObserver
Professor Michael Miller AO FTSEObserver
Professor Tanya Monro FAA FTSEObserver
Dr Susan Pond AM FTSEObserver
Dr Leanna Read FAICD FTSEObserver
Mr Bill Mackey Staff
Mrs Lynn Pagoda Staff