A look at our guiding principles

It’s important to everyone at ATSE that our actions match our vision. That’s why our guiding principles are regularly reviewed by our Board, management team and Assembly.

Here’s a look at those principles and what they mean to the Academy.

Our vision

A Future in which technological sciences, engineering and innovation contribute significantly to Australia's social, economic and environmental wellbeing.

Our mission

  • Advocate the application of technological sciences and engineering to innovation
  • Deliver robust, independent and trusted evidence-based advice on technological issues of national importance
  • Promote national and international collaboration in technological science, engineering and innovation
  • Celebrate the success of individuals and companies in technological innovation
  • Promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics education at secondary and tertiary levels

Our values

There are four pillars that we value above all others – innovation, excellence, leadership and cooperation. They help keep us effective and guide us towards both our mission and vision for the future.

Our Strategy - 2013-17

ATSE advocates for a future in which technological sciences and engineering and innovation contribute significantly to Australia’s social, economic and environmental wellbeing.  The Academy is empowered in its mission by some 800 Fellows drawn from industry, academia, research institutes and government, who represent the brightest and the best in technological sciences and engineering in Australia.  

Through engagement by our Fellows, the Academy provides robust, independent and trusted evidence-based advice on technological issues of national importance.  We do this via activities including policy submissions, workshops, symposia, conferences parliamentary briefings, international exchanges and visits and the publication of scientific and technical reports. 

The Academy promotes science, and maths education via programs focussing on enquiry-based learning, teaching quality and career promotion. ATSE fosters national and international collaboration and encourages technology transfer for economic, social and environmental benefit.

  1. Create impact through the provisionof independant and trusted advice
  2. Focus on technology-driven innovation to enhance prosperity
  3. Provide leadership in STEM education
  4. Celebrate achievements in science, technology and innovation
  5. Further develop our own capacity and effectiveness

The ATSE Strategy Plan 2013-17 was launched in May 2013 and contains a detailed plan of how the Academy has positioned itself for the next five years.