What we do

At the Academy, everything we do can be marked by one common theme. That is, ‘Driving innovating technology solutions for a better Australia’. It’s a mission at the heart of every group and forum that operates under the ATSE umbrella - groups that offer discussion and debate of how technology, science and engineering can be used to enhance our quality of life.

We focus on a number of key policy areas that align with our expertise. These include things like water sustainability, energy use and low carbon futures, STEM education, and health technology - as well as emerging areas like the built environment, ICT, innovation and productivity.

Through the work that we’ve done to date, ATSE has established a reputation for delivering robust, practical and innovative thinking to interested groups, both here and overseas. We’re known for tackling some of the most challenging issues facing Australia today - and for offering fresh, sound policy advice to key decision- makers throughout the government and community.