Energy Forum

ATSE’s Energy Forum comprises of more than 150 Fellows and other experts who work together in an effort to drive low-carbon energy solutions for Australia and globally.

If you are interested in the Energy Forum please contact Dr Lauren Palmer for further information.

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Energy Committee

Dr Bruce Godfrey FTSEChair
Professor Dong-ke Zhang FTSEDeputy Chair
Dr John Soderbaum FTSEDeputy Chair
Professor Barry Brook Committee Member
Professor Simon Bartlett AM FTSECommittee Member
Dr Michael Sargent AM FTSECommittee Member
Dr John Burgess FTSECommittee Member
Dr Ian Duncan FIEAust FTSECommittee Member
Dr John Sligar FTSECommittee Member
Mr Ronald Hardwick FTSECommittee Member
Dr John Wright FTSECommittee Member