Australia Japan Emerging Research Leaders Exchange Program

The Australia Japan Emerging Research Leaders Exchange Program (ERLEP) is targeted at mid-career researchers of both countries, who are emerging leaders in the Science and Technology community, with their research established but international linkages in need of further development. The successful researchers undertake two weeks of institutional placements in agreed-upon priority S&T areas. This significant program was funded by the former Department of Innovation, Industry, Science, Research  and Tertiary Education (DIISRTE) and the Japanese Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS), with ATSE and the Engineering Academy of Japan (EAJ) administering the program.

The first Exchange Program happened in 2010 with ATSE organising a two week program in February 2010, for eight Japanese participants visiting, from the priority S&T fields of Novel Materials and Resource; Energy & Environment; and Biotechnology. The second element took place in November 2010, with 8 Australian researchers, chosen from the same topic areas, then completed two weeks of institutional visits in Japan organised by the EAJ, to progress S&T Linkages, and develop new opportunities.

In February 2012, eight Japanese researchers with expertise in the areas of Health and Technology; ICT; Nanotechnology and New Materials undertook two weeks of visits in Australia, with the return trip of eight Australians to Japan in March 2013. The most recent exchange allowed for eight Japanese researchers to visit Australia in February 2014, with expertise in the areas of healthy ageing and wellbeing; new materials, biotechnology, nanotechnology; emerging power systems; ICT.

The next exchange will allow for eight Australian researchers with expertise in these areas to visit Japan in November 2014.

The program in each country has three key components:

  • Orientation
  • Strategic placements to leading research institute/universities
  • Debrief session at the conclusion of the exchange

ATSE believes that the contacts made during the Australia Japan Emerging Research Leaders Exchange Program will ensure continuing S&T cooperation between Australia and Japan, enabling joint research and development to maximise potential advances in science and technology.

The exchanges will provide the foundation that will build upon and progress future S&T collaboration between Japan and Australia.

Call for applications for the next Exchange Program is closed.

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AJERLEP Outcome Leaflet - 2010 Exchanges