International Workshops

ATSE International also organise workshops on areas of strategic importance in Australia and overseas. These are either bilateral workshops co-organised with the appropriate sister Academy, or a multilateral workshop in Australia on a topic of national importance with engagement by overseas participants. These relationships and activities have allowed for sustained strong global linkages, enhancing Australian Science and Technology.


Australia China Joint Coordination Group on Clean Coal Technology

Infrastructure Planning Workshop

Australia Korea Green Growth Workshop


China Australia Symposium

Australia Korea Green Growth Workshop

Australia India Solar Thermal PV Workshop 


Strengthening Links Between Industry & Public Sector Research Organisations

INAE Energy Efficiency - April 

Australia Korea Green Growth Workshop March 

Australia Taiwan Workshop

China Australia Symposium Report


Taiwan Australia Workshop  - October 

Australia-China Science and Technology Week, Shanghai World Expo  - August

Water and Its Interdependencies on Australian Economy - June

Australia-Korea Green Growth International Workshop - April

Secure Electricity Systems for 2050 - March