Water Submissions


Implementing the National Water Initiative: 2014 triennial assessment of water reform progress in Australia

A submission was made to the National Water Commission regarding their 2014 triennial assessment of water reform progress through the National Water Initiative (NWI). ATSE strongly supports the NWI, but considers that it requires refocussing particularly in the area of water science and research. The submission calls for an expanded role for the NWC in continuing to achieve future water reform.


COAG Review of the National Water Commission

The review assessed the effectiveness and continuing appropriateness of the Commission's roles in promoting water reform objectives and outcomes. The Government decided to continue the National Water Commission for the life of the National Water Initiative.  This decision is consistent with the arguments put in the ATSE submission to the Government’s inquiry into the NWC.

Dams and Their Use for Water Management in Australia

The submission identifies a number of issues that should be taken into consideration by the Task Group before developing policy recommendations, including: the purpose of the dam – the potential problem of conflicting objectives; need to have a catchment management plan; possible climate change impacts; impact of land use change; existing rights; market demand; power generation; pumping costs; variability of supply; economics and food security.


Australia's Urban Water Sector a Productivity Commission Inquiry


First Biennial Review of the National Water Initiative


Role of the Private Sector in the Supply of Water and Wastewater Services