Submission  Energy

Australia’s post-2020 UNFCCC emissions targets

As a large per-capita emitter, Australia will need to carefully consider how any eventual post 2020 target would be achieved, while minimising any impacts on the economy or Australia’s competitiveness

Report  Industry & Innovation

Research Engagement for Australia: Measuring research engagement between universities and end users

This report focusses on developing metrics from existing data collections of Australian university research that can serve as indicators for research engagement, knowledge transfer and/or collaboration

Media Release  Industry & Innovation

We can measure research engagement

ATSE spearheads a campaign to change the way Australia values research

Media Release  Natural Resources

Australia needs to focus on water reform

ATSE Focus calls for rejuvenated approach to national water reform

Focus Magazine  Natural Resources

Focus 189: Australia's Liquid Asset: Meeting our water reform challenges

Water is our most essential substance, so we need to focus on optimising its use and stewardship

Submission  Health Technology

National Disability Insurance Agency - Towards Solutions for Assistive Technology

The Academy has identified that technologies can play a major role in reducing healthcare costs when they are socially accepted and widely adopted

Media Release  Energy

Getting the best from our energy options

ATSE Focus looks at how we optimise our energy options

Focus Magazine  Energy

Focus 188: Australia's Energy Opportunities: Getting the best from our array of options

The future of energy is the future of the nation – so we need to focus on economical, sustainable energy sources

Submission  Energy

ARENA’s future research and development priorities

ATSE believes that the proposed priority areas do address a key energy challenge for Australia.

Submission  Agriculture

Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper

Australia’s agriculture and food sectors relies, more than ever, on strong and stable support for science, research and development, translated to economic impact through various extension mechanisms.

Media Release  Industry & Innovation

Infrastructure needs a fresh look

ATSE Focus puts Australia‘s infrastructure under the microscope

Focus Magazine  Infrastructure

Focus 187: Building a Better Australia: Getting the best from our Infrastructure

Shaping the way the nation lives, works and moves will depend on getting our infrastructure right – starting now

Submission  Health Technology

Expert Review of Medicines and Medical Devices Regulation

ATSE recommends that Australia must retain an individual regulatory body to ensure continued safety of the Australian population and grow and promote globally competitive medicine and medical device industries in Australia

Submission  Energy

Review of Hydraulic Fracturing in Tasmania

Whilst shale gas exploration is still at an early stage, Australia needs to act quickly to assess its shale gas reserves and resources, as well as consider the potential social, economic and environmental impact of shale gas production

Submission  Industry & Innovation

Boosting Commercial Returns from Research (Issues Paper)

ATSE provided comments on the Australian Government’s Boosting the commercial returns from research issues paper.

Media Release  Industry & Innovation

CRCs need backing and boosting

ATSE backs the CRC program and calls for doubled funding

Submission  Industry & Innovation

Cooperative Research Centres Programme Review

The CRC Programme has gererated benefits to the economy along with widespread benefits to the environment and the community, and spill-overs to nearly every industry and sector

Media Release  Industry & Innovation

DSTO a key to our defence capabilities

ATSE says DSTO is a key to our Defence capabilities

Media Release  Energy

Energy Green Paper has gaps

ATSE says the Energy Green Paper has weakness in three critical areas

Submission  Energy

Australia’s Transport Energy Resilience and Sustainability

The Australian economy depends on well-developed and extensive transport networks that move people, goods and resources domestically and offshore

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