Focus 2009

Education Vision: Better Outcomes for 2030

Contributors lay out their vision for science and engineering education toward 2030 and focus on what needs to be done to achieve an optimum outcome.
Download Focus 159 (PDF) - December 2009

Australia / India: A Strong and Burgeoning Relationship

Contributors assess the current S&T links between the two countries and look at where our research links have been - and are going.
Download Focus International No.1 (PDF) - December 2009

Research & Innovation: Getting the Best from Both

Contributors discuss leadership in research organisations and the future directions and impact of CSIRO – along with key policy and social imperatives of the innovation debate.
Download Focus 158 (PDF) - October 2009

Infrastucture: Shaping up for the 21st Century

Contributors discuss the Federal stimulus packages and the Budget impact on infrastructure – and getting our infrastructure right for the century ahead.
Download Focus 157 (PDF) - August 2009

Innovation: Are we Getting it Right?

Contributors discuss the Federal Budget impact on innovation and commercialisation, the focus on picking winners and how Australia can do it better.
Download Focus 156 (PDF) - June 2009

Energy Efficiency: Cutting our Power Bill

Contributors discuss how to lessen Australia’s power demand across a raft of industry sectors, against the background of generation and transmission issues and power generation externalities.
Download Focus 155 (PDF) - April 2009

Our Minerals Wealth: Riding the Nation's Future

Contributors discuss how to maintain the economic impact – diminishing resources and enhanced competition versus our focus on research, exploration, safety, robotics, and next-generation engineering.
Download Focus 154 (PDF) - February 2009