Focus 2010

The Big Issues: Technology to Shape the Next Decade

The Big Issues - what lies ahead for Australia in the Academy’s key areas of interest and influence? ATSE leaders look at the future for the nation in the second decade.
Download Focus 165 (PDF) - December 2010

World Food Security: Nourishing the Planet and its People

Perspectives on the world’s most daunting challenge – from national and international authorities, including key speakers at the 2010 Crawford Fund international conference.
Downlaod Focus 164 (PDF) - October 2010

Water And Its Core Role In Australia: Looking at Interdependancies

Water experts examine the key role of water in the Australian economy and society and examine some of the key interdependencies – energy, pricing, optimisation and environmental needs.
Download Focus 163 (PDF) - August 2010

Innovation And Commercialisation: R&D, Innovation and Productivity

Contributors from the world of R&D, innovation and productivity policy and practice tackle some of the key issues the nation confronts – and we showcase the best of Australia’s technology commercialisation.
Download Focus 162 (PDF) - June 2010

Engineering Excellence: Collaboration and Innovative Thinking

Contributors from some of our top engineering firms describe ground-breaking Australian engineering projects and techniques – and the issues and options for Australian leadership in engineering.
Downlaod Focus 161 (PDF) - April 2010

Healthcare Reform: Looking to Disruptive Technologies

Contributors describe their vision for a new age of healthcare and how disruptive technologies could help mitigate the ageing population crisis in healthcare provision.
Downlaod Focus 160 (PDF) - February 2010