Focus 2010

Focus 165: The Big Issues: Technology to shape the next decade

Posted on 1/12/2010
The Big Issues – what lies ahead for Australia in the Academy’s key areas of interest and influence? ATSE leaders look at the future for the nation in the second decade

Focus 164: World Food Security Nourishing the planet and its people

Posted on 1/10/2010
Perspectives on the world’s most daunting challenge – from national and international authorities, including key speakers at the 2010 Crawford Fund international conference

Focus 163: Water and its Core Role in Australia: Looking at interdependancies

Posted on 1/08/2010
Water experts examine the key role of water in the Australian economy and society and examine some of the key interdependencies – energy, pricing, optimisation and environmental needs

Focus 162: Innovation & Commercialisation: R&D, innovation and productivity

Posted on 1/06/2010
Contributors from the world of R&D, innovation and productivity policy and practice tackle some of the key issues the nation confronts – and we showcase the best of Australia’s technology commercialisation

Focus 161: Engineering Excellence: Collaboration and innovative thinking

Posted on 1/04/2010
Contributors from some of our top engineering firms describe ground-breaking Australian engineering projects and techniques – and the issues and options for Australian leadership in engineering

Focus 160: Healthcare Reform: Looking to disruptive technologies

Posted on 1/02/2010
Contributors describe their vision for a new age of healthcare and how disruptive technologies could help mitigate the ageing population crisis in healthcare provision