Focus 2011

The Supermarket Revolution: Looking at How we Buy our Food

Contributors examine whether the Supermarket Revolution in Food is good, bad or ugly for the world’s farmers, consumers and retailers.
Download Focus 169 (PDF) - December 2011

The Innovation Dividend: More from Emerging Technologies

Increasing the innovation dividend from emerging technologies is a key challenge for Australia as it faces the need to move beyond the mining boom.
Download Focus 168 (PDF) - October 2011

Using our Research: Strengthening the Uptake Links

How can we strengthen the links between Australian industry and our publicly funded research organisations? Contributors look at the issues here and overseas.
Download Focus 167 (PDF) - August 2011

Australia / Korea: Working Together on Green Growth

Contributors look at 50 years of friendship and a sustainable-energy Green Growth future.
Download Focus International No.3 (PDF) - June 2011

Australia 2030: Key Economic & Infrastructure Issues

What will be our requirements for infrastructure and services in Australia in 2030? Leading authorities look at the likely demands two decades from now.
Download Focus 166 (PDF) - April 2011

Australia / China: Cooperating for a Brighter Future

Contributors look at the 30-year relationship and its impact on collaborative achievements.
Download Focus International No.2 (PDF) - February 2011