Focus 2012

Focus 175: The Scramble for Natural Resources: More food from less land

Posted on 1/12/2012
Contributors discuss how research, development and policy change can help ensure the competitors for the globe’s natural resources all get a fair go.

Focus 174: Boosting our SMEs: Optimising innovation and technology

Posted on 1/10/2012
Contributors discuss the impact of innovation and technology in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and cross-fertilisation between SME sectors and big business

Focus 173: Innovation: Taking Australia's Technology to the marketplace

Posted on 1/08/2012
Contributors discuss the gulf between R&D and innovation – Australia’s skill at the former and difficulties with the latter – and the need to bridge the gulf

Focus 172: Sustainable Water Management: The impact of green growth policies

Posted on 1/06/2012
Contributors discuss the implications of a green growth approach to Australia’s water issues – and particularly the Murray–Darling Basin in the third decade of the 21st century

Focus 171: Woman Driving for the Top: Impediments in the technological sciences

Posted on 1/04/2012
Contributors discuss the need for Australia to attract and optimise the skills of women in finding and applying the technologies to build a better Australia

Focus 170: Productivity, Innovation and Prosperity: The great Australian challenge

Posted on 1/02/2012
Contributors discuss the need to link productivity, competitiveness and innovation to the achievement of sustainable economic and social futures for Australia