Focus 2013

Focus 181: Water Recycling: Time for a new paradigm

Posted on 1/12/2013
Contributors discuss why Australia must seriously consider direct recycling as a drinking water option.

Focus 180: Linking with Business: How Australia’s universities are working with business

Posted on 1/10/2013
Contributors discuss how we are collaborating to bring the benefits of the nation’s research to business to boost productivity.

Focus 179: Nuclear Energy for Australia: Its role in the nation's sustainable energy menu

Posted on 1/08/2013
Contributors discuss the key technological, economic, social and environmental issues relating to nuclear power generation.

Focus 178: Infrastructure Planning: Finding the best approaches, models and practices

Posted on 1/06/2013
Contributors discuss the major role that infrastructure planning, expenditure and operation play in the affairs of governments, the private sector and the community.

Focus 177: Product to Market: Getting Australia's best thinking into market-ready products

Posted on 1/04/2013
Contributors discuss how our research organisations are turning some of the nation’s best thinking into products and services for national and international markets

Focus 176: Healthcare Assistive technology: Building a network to help Australians live better

Posted on 1/02/2013
Contributors discuss how an ‘assistive technology’ network could better link assistive technology research and help translate it into commercialisation and adoption