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Policy Forums

The Academy runs a series of Forums, comprising Fellows with relevant expertise and professional interest.

The Forums’ members collaborate to develop position and action statements on areas of focus.


Chair: Professor Edward Barlow FTSE

Deputy Chairs: Professor Shaun Coffey FTSE,  Dr Joanne Daly PSM FTSE, Dr Anna Koltunow FTSE and Professor Stephen Powles FTSE

Digital Futures

Chair: Professor Michael Miller AO FTSE

Leadership Group: Dr Jackie Craig FTSE, Dr Bob Frater  AO FTSE, Dr Craig Mudge  AO FTSE,  David Thodey AO FTSE, Professor Glenn Wightwick FTSE, Professor Mary-Anne Williams FTSE


Chair: Professor Peter Lee FTSE

Deputy Chairs: Professor Annabelle Duncan FTSE, Professor Ian Cameron FTSE


Chair: Dr John Söderbaum FTSE

Deputy Chairs: Chloe Munro AO FTSE, Dr Sarah Ryan FTSE


Chair: Sue MacLeman FTSE

Deputy Chair: Professor Ron Quinn AM FTSE

Industry and Innovation

Chair: Dr Erol Harvey FTSE

Deputy Chair: Dr Tony Peacock FTSE


Chair: Dr David Cook AO FTSE

Mineral Resources

Co-chairs: Professor Mike Hood FTSE, Mr John McGagh FTSE,

Deputy Chairs: Dr Ian Tyler FTSE


Chair: Professor Robert Vertessy FTSE

Deputy Chairs: Dr Wendy Craik AM FTSE, Professor Rob Fitzpatrick FTSE


All enquiries related to Forums should be emailed to policy@atse.org.au.

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