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Policy Forums Leadership

The Academy runs a suite of Forums to investigate and provide advice on issues that are critical to Australia’s future.

The Forums comprise of Fellows with relevant expertise and professional interest in each area of focus, who collaborate to develop position and action statements.

All enquiries related to Forums should be emailed to policy@atse.org.au.

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Areas of interest for the Forums can be found here.

Below are the details of each Forum Leadership team:



1 agriculture

Agriculture & Food

Chair: Professor Edward (Snow) Barlow FTSE

Deputy Chairs: Professor Shaun Coffey FTSE,  Dr Joanne Daly PSM FTSE, Dr Anna Koltunow FTSE and Professor Stephen Powles FTSE

Digital Futures

Chair: Professor Mary-Anne Williams FTSE

Deputy Chairs: Professor Elanor Huntington FTSE, Professor Shazia Sadiq FTSE

Appointed member: Professor Michael Frater FTSE

1 digital futures


Chair: Professor Mark Hoffman FTSE 

Deputy Chair: Professor Iven Mareels FTSE 

Appointed Member: Professor Robyn Owens FTSE 


Chair: Dr John Söderbaum FTSE

Deputy Chairs:  Dr Sarah Ryan FTSE, Professor Renate Egan FTSE 

1. energy
scientist looking through microscope


Chair: Sue MacLeman FTSE

Deputy Chairs:  Professor Ron James Quinn AM FTSE, Adjunct Professor Elaine Saunders FTSE,

Appointed Members: Trevor Danos AM FTSE, Professor Ian Lowe AO FTSE

Industry and Innovation

Chair: Dr Dimity Dornan AO FTSE

Deputy Chairs: Professor Veena Sahajwalla FTSE FAA

Appointed Member: Professor Saeid Nahavandi FTSE

1. industry innovation
1 infrastructure


Chair: Dr David Cook AO FTSE

Leadership Team: Anthony Barry FTSE, Professor Keith Hampson FTSE, Romilly Madew AO FTSE, Dr Brett C. Phillips FTSE

Mineral Resources

Chair: John McGagh FTSE

Deputy Chair: Dr Ian Tyler FTSE

Appointed Members: Professor Ranjith Pathegama FTSE, Rod Hill FTSE 

1 minerals
1 water


Chair: Professor Ana Deletic FTSE

Deputy Chairs: Dr Wendy Craik AM FTSE, Professor Rob Fitzpatrick FTSE, Dr Thomas Hatton PSM FTSE, Professor Sandra Kentish FTSE, Professor Stuart Khan FTSE