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Academy committees

There are the five committees that are trusted by the Board to action some of the Academy’s most important tasks:

For all governance-related questions, email governance@atse.org.au.

Audit and Risk Committee

This committee oversees the Academy’s financial performance and is responsible for audit, risk management and remuneration.

  • Chair: Professor Iven Mareels FTSE
  • Members: Ross Pilling FTSE, Sue MacLeman FTSE, Professor Iven Mareels FTSE, Professor Andrew Parfitt FTSE
  • Attendee: Kylie Walker, ATSE CEO

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Read more about ATSE’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

  • Vice-President, Chair: Dr Richard Sheldrake FTSE
  • Ex Oficio: Kylie Walker, ATSE CEO
  • Members: Leeanne Bond FTSE, Dr Gunilla Burrowes FTSE, Dr Janis Cocking FTSE, David Hind OAM FIChemE FEA FTSE, Professor Emily Hilder FTSE, Dr Adi Paterson FTSE, Professor Jason Sharples FTSE,  David Thodey AO FTSE, Emeritus Professor Doreen Thomas AM FIEAust FTSE, Professor Huanting Wang FTSE

Membership Committee

The membership committee oversees membership and the annual appointment of new Fellows.

  • Vice President, Chair: Emeritus Professor Doreen Thomas AM FTSE FIEAust
  • Deputy Chair: Professor Mark Hoffman FTSE
  • Deputy Chair: Denise Goldsworthy AO FTSE

Membership Sector Group A: Energy, Mining & Minerals Processing

  • Chair: Professor Renate Egan FTSE

Membership Sector Group B: Water & Environment

  • Chair: Dr Jenny Stauber FAA FTSE

Membership Sector Group C: ICT

  • Chair: Professor David Abramson FTSE

Membership Sector Group D: Materials & Emerging Technologies

  • Chair: Professor Emily Hilder FTSE

Membership Sector Group E: Infrastructure

  • Chair: Professor Mark Cassidy FTSE FAA

Membership Sector Group F: Biotechnology & Human Health

  • Chair: Professor Ron Quinn AM FTSE

Membership Sector Group G: Primary Industries & Food Technology

  • Chair: Professor Richard Eckard FTSE

Membership Sector Group H: Entrepreneurship, Service & Education

  • Chair: Professor Sarah Pearson FTSE

ATSE Awards Committees

ATSE has committees responsible for awarding excellence and innovation with the following prestigious Awards:

The Clunies Ross Innovation Awards Selection Committee

  • Chair: Professor Iven Mareels FTSE

Batterham Medal Selection Committee

  • Chair: Professor Simon Biggs FTSE

ICM Agrifood Award Selection Committee

  • Chair: Emeritus Professor Lindsay Falvey FTSE

Ezio Rizzardo Polymer Scholarship Selection Committee

  • Chair: Dr Peter Coldrey FTSE

David and Valerie Solomon Award Selection Committee

  • Chair: Professor Thomas Spurling AM FTSE