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CS in Schools: Coding Australia’s Future

Teaching coding in schools

CS in Schools is creating sustainable change in Australian digital technology education.

CS in Schools is a free program that helps schools build a robust digital technology capability in their students, and aims to set the standard for computer science education nationally.

Founded by Google Maps and eBay pioneer Hugh Williams, his partner and business executive Selina Williams and education professional Kristy Kendall, it matches computing professionals with teachers, helping them develop their coding skills in the classroom and providing innovative lesson materials.

Research undertaken by Deloitte and the Australian Computer Society’s Digital Pulse in 2019, that indicates there will be over 100, 000 new IT jobs in Australia by 2024, yet only 7,000 university IT graduates each year. A key factor in getting more graduates into university and having a highly skilled DigiTech workforce is to grow the next generation through the secondary school system.

If students don’t experience DigiTech in their early secondary schooling, they are less likely to choose it later. The concept behind CS in Schools is to give students the opportunity to learn about DigiTech in meaningful ways, helping students understand how DigiTech can change lives for the better.

See the CS in schools website for more indepth information