Verity Normington


Dr Verity Normington
Executive Officer, Office of Chief Scientist, Geoscience Australia

Dr Verity Normington is a geologist who as the Executive Officer in Geoscience Australia’s Office of the Chief Scientist supports Geoscience Australia to align its science to its decadal strategy Strategy 2028 and the supporting Science Strategy 2028. Prior to this role, she worked as a Module leader for Indigenous Engagement and Remote Community Education for Geoscience Australia.

As 2020-2021 Australian Science Policy Fellow, Dr Normington worked in Indigenous Policy in Australia’s Attorney-General’s Department focusing on Indigenous justice, native title and Closing the Gap. The fellowship aims to bring scientific expertise into the policy process by giving early and mid-career STEM professionals a pathway into policy roles in the Australian Public Service. Prior to the fellowship, she was a Northern Territory Government geologist working in the sedimentary rocks of central Australia and the basins they were deposited. Dr Normington completed her PhD in geology at the University of Adelaide.

She is a Superstar of STEM (2019-2020) who is passionate about supporting early career Earth scientists to remain in the science community and increasing the awareness of the importance of diversity in the science community and communicating science to the general public. She whole-heartedly believes “you can’t be what you can’t see” and believes that the work she does can help to solve the issue of reduced STEM participation especially by girls and young women. Verity is also dedicated to sharing her story of overcoming chronic illness to follow her dreams of becoming a scientist. She is also an active member of the Geological Society of Australia at both the national and divisional level, and has recently stood up the Geoscience Indigenous Collaboration and Engagement specialist group.

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