Careers in STEM: role model series


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Monday 1 November 2021
End date
Thursday December 9 2021

We’re giving students the opportunity to meet inspiring Australian scientists and engineers.

These free events are presented by the STELR Project as part of the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series. All students around Australia are welcome to attend.

Participants will be sent pre-event research links and a worksheet to encourage additional participation and enrichment. Events will also include a Q&A session.

Any questions? Email stelr.admin@atse.org.au 

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Would you like to time travel?

Dr Erin Hahn | Thu 11 Nov | 2pm

Have you ever dreamt of traveling back in time to prevent existential threats such as bushfires and rising sea levels? Unfortunately, we cannot change the timeline. But we can look at clues from our past to inform the decisions we make to protect our future.

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From little things, big things grow
Dr Hannah Robinson & A. Prof Charlie Warren | Tues 16 Nov | 11:30am

In the changing Australian environment, where rainfall is becoming less reliable and extreme weather events more frequent, it is more important than ever that we develop climate ready crops. Join us to hear from Hannah and Charlie on their journey to become scientists to ensure we have a robust food supply for the future.


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Keep on moving!
Dr Michelle Hall | Tue 23 Nov | 2pm

Dr Michelle Hall is Senior Research Fellow within the Physiotherapy Department of the Centre for Health, Exercise and Sports Medicine at The University of Melbourne. She’s doing research to understand how exercise provides pain relief for osteoarthritis. Join us to hear how Michelle’s journey started in Dublin, took her around the world, then to Melbourne.


Using math to solve real world problems
A. Prof Roslyn Hickson | Tue 25 Nov | 2pm

Associate Professor Roslyn Hickson uses mathematical modelling of infectious diseases to fight rare tropical illnesses and life-threatening flus. Her research has informed policy and practice around the world, including in the World Health Organization and the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control. Join us to hear about Roslyn’s journey to become an applied mathematician.


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Conserving our future

Dr Ayesha Tulloch | Tue 30 Nov | 2pm

Science is key to protecting our environment. Dr Ayeesha Tulloch uses ecological knowledge to inform conservation decision-making processes. She works with conservation organisations, industries and governments to manage ecosystems more sustainably. Join us to hear about Ayesha’s non-traditional path to academia and her passion for conservation.



Reach for the stars

Dr Tayyaba Zafar | Thur 9 Dec | 11:30pm

Dr Zafar studies dust, gas, and metals between stars of distant galaxies. As well as collaborating with the astronomical community worldwide, to defining the exciting the science for to develop instruments on future telescopes around the world. Join us to hear Tayyaba’s journey from Pakistan, around the world, then to Australia.


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Supported by Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series. Thank you to Superstars of STEM and the AIPS Tall Poppy Campaign for assisting with speakers for the series.