VIC Division Annual Meeting + Presentation

VIC Division AM + new Fellows presentation

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Thursday 3 September 2020

5.30pm-6.00pm AEST

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Thursday 3 September 2020


5.30pm—6.00pm AEST

— Welcome and apologies
— Minutes of 2019 Annual Meeting
— Chair’s Report on 2019/2020 activities
— Future activities
— Committee for 2020/21
— General Business


Innovation and Commercialisation

6pm—7pm AEST

Professor Elaine Saunders
Professor Jan Tennent


Professor Elaine Saunders FTSE

Gaining Value from research and invention

Australians are innovative. We are also an island nation, which is a great environment for Blue Ocean strategy. So, do we just solve problems, licence it overseas and move on? The COVID-19 crisis has taught us that embracing the value chain not only brings financial value to inventors, be it with more risk but also enhances our economic survival and sovereign security as a nation. So why don’t we embrace that? Elaine Saunders will use examples from her own commercialization and business experiences to stimulate thinking on the best ways to maximise IP value and to grow Australia’s reputation and security.

Elaine Saunders is co-founder and former CEO of Blamey Saunders Hears, a hearing aid and telehealth company, which she led to be the world leader in teleaudiology, to significant award recognition and sold to the world’s leading hearing aid company. She led Blamey Saunders (her second successful company) to win the Australian Good Design of the Year Award (her second Good Design award), with an Australian designed and manufactured self-fit, modular hearing aid. The company was the first to successfully develop and implement a model of blended remote and direct hearing care. She is an Adjunct Professor at Swinburne University, a Clunies Ross medal winner and is on several Boards in the innovation and technology space.


Professor Jan Tennent FTSE

Discovery and Innovation: mutually exclusive or two sides of the same coin?

The 2019 Global Innovation Index ranked Australia 21st(among 129 countries) for knowledge creation and only 88thfor knowledge diffusion, the innovative application of ideas or inventions into a good or service that creates value for Australia and Australians. Undoubtedly a multi-factorial phenomenon, this presentation will examine the relationship between Discovery and Innovation and draw on the speakers’ experience gained in a career that has spanned industry, academia, the CRC program and peak bodies.

Jan Tennent is the founder of ConnectBio life sciences consultancy and a networked business leader with global experience across a range of industry sectors. Jan is an internationally recognised researcher with specialist knowledge of antimicrobial resistance mechanisms and the discovery and commercialisation of vaccines and has held senior roles at CSIRO, CSL, the CRC for Vaccine Technology and Pfizer Animal Health where she was the Director of Business Development and Global Alliances in the APAC region. She is a non-executive director of Apiam Animal Health Limited (ASX:AHX), AusBiotech Limited, and eviDent Foundation Limited, and recently stepped down as CEO of Biomedical Research Victoria (2012-2019). Elected in 2019 to the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE), Jan is also a Fellow of the Australian Society for Microbiology, a Principal Fellow at The University of Melbourne and a Collaborative Professor at the University of Osaka (2017-2020).