Clunies Ross Awards

History of the Clunies Ross Awards

Founded in 1959 to perpetuate the memory of Sir Ian Clunies Ross, the Ian Clunies Ross Memorial Foundation promoted the development of science and technology in Australia’s beneficial interest.

In November 2002, the Foundation was brought under the Academy’s umbrella, securing the long-term future of the Awards. It became known as the Clunies Ross Foundation.

The Foundation established the Clunies Ross National Science & Technology Award in 1991. The Foundation was disbanded in 2004 and the Awards are now administered by the Academy in three categories.

About Sir Ian Clunies Ross

Sir Ian Clunies Ross was a giant of Australian science. Born in 1899, he was a visionary leader of our scientific community and inspired all with whom he worked. He had a passion for science and a talent for administration, a rare combination of skills which he applied in the service of many scientific organisations.

Best known for his pioneering work in veterinary science, he waged a lifelong war against ignorance and fear, leaving us with an enduring legacy upon which we can build.

As a scientist he greatly advanced parasitology and disease control in animals and spanned the gap between Eastern and Western scientific cultures.

As an administrator he was Foundation Chief of CSIRO’s Division of Animal Health and, in 1949, Chairman of the new CSIRO.

As a communicator he was a ceaseless champion of science and technology – understanding that the forces of ignorance imperil the application of science to the advancement of humankind. Sir Ian died suddenly in 1959.