Clunies Ross Awards

Previous winners of the Clunies Ross Awards

Dr John Parker FTSE, Hearing Implant Technology
Graham Daniels, WLAN Technology
John Deane, WLAN Technology
Dr John O’Sullivan FAA FTSE, WLAN Technology
Dr Terence Percival FTSE, WLAN Technology
Diethelm Ostry, WLAN Technology
Professor David Skellern AO FTSE, Microelectrics
Professor Neil Weste FTSE, Microelectrics
Professor Tim St Pierre, Liver Treatment
Andrew Jessett, Mining Technology

Dr Chris Nichol FTSE, Mobile Phone Technology
Dr John Hullet, Solving Internet Congestion
Alan Langworthy, Remote Renewable Power
Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte FRS FAA, Robotics for Australia
Professor John Hopwood, Lysosomal Disease Treatment
Professor Tony Cantoni FTSE, Solving Internet Congestion
Professor Zigmantis Budrikis, Solving Internet Congestion

David Noon FTSE, Slope Stability Radar
Professor Colin Sullivan FTSE, Sleep Apnoea Treatment
Professor Iven Mareels FTSE, Water Saving Technologies
Professor Stuart Wenham FTSE, Silicon Cell Technology

Dr Peter Farrell AM FTSE, Sleep Apnoea
Martin Harris, Confocal Microscopy
Professor Arthur Lowery FTSE, Photonics
Professor Ian Frazer AC FAA FTSE, Cervical Cancer Research
Peter Delaney, Confocal Microscopy
Paul Gottleib, Mineralogical Analysis

Dr Danny Llewellyn FTSE, Biotechnology and Entomology
Dr Gary Fitt FTSE, Biotechnology and Entomology
Dr Greg Constable FTSE, Biotechnology and Entomology
Dean Cameron, Water Treatment
Gerald Roach, Metallurgy
Professor Ron Sacks-Davis, Information Technology

Dr Alan Finkel AO FTSE, Biomedical Clamp Amplifiers
Dr Alex Zelinsky FTSE, Robotics and Computer Vision
Dr Fiona Wood, Skin Tissue Engineering
Dr Robert Banks, Animal Genetic Analysis
Marie Stoner, Skin Tissue Engineering
Professor Gerald Van Erp, Fibre Reinforced Composite

Dr Gregory Roger, Medical Innovation and Engineering
Dr Ian Edward Grey FTSE, Ministry Chemistry
Dr Jeff Rowlands, Mining Technology
Dr John Ballard AO FTSE, Biochemical Drug Development
Dr Robert Evans FTSE, Forest Products Research
Mal Crozier, Defence Engineering

Dr Ahmad Shayan, Building and Construction
Dr David Boger FRS FAA FTSE, Non-Newtonian Fluids
Ron Grey, Scientific Equipment
Stephen Elliott, Water Treatment Technology
Professor David Doddrell FAA, Magnetic Resonance Technology
Professor David Blair, Physics and Astronomy
Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, Human Nutrition

Dr Edwin van Leeuwen FTSE, Airborne Gravity Mapping
Dr Ted Maddess, Optical Technology
David Burton, Medical Diagnostic Equipment
Sandy Gray, Mineral Processing
Professor Eric Reynolds AO FTSE, Dental Health Research
Emeritus Professor John Irwin FTSE, Plant Production Technology

Dr Grahame Webb, Reptilian Biology and Conversation
Dr John Cannon, Mathematics and Computer Science
Gordon Kennett, Hydraulic Engineering
Nui Wang, Automotive Engineering
Trevor Bridle, Waste Treatment Technology
Professor Barry Marshall FAA, Helicobacter Research

Dr Mark O’Brien, Surgery
Dr Bill Mathew, Metallurgy
Dr Robert Clifford, Marine Engineering
Dr Wen-Yang Wu, Organic Chemistry
Dr Phillip Hercus, Marine Engineering
Professor Richard Drew AM FTSE, Entomology

Dr Rahmi Akcelik, Traffic Software Design
Dr Bruce Walker AM FTSE, Appropriate Technology
Dr Frank Jorgensen, Smelting Technology
Dr Jane Watson, Statistical Literacy
Andrew Martin, Microwave Radio Communication
Professor Sam Luxton FTS,E Air-Conditioning Technology

Associate Professor Kevin Whithear, Veterinary Science
Dr Ian Holmes, Medical Virology
Dr Ralph Holmes, Bulk Sampling Techniques
Ian Croser, Communications Technology
Professor Ruth Bishop AO, Public Health

Dr John Hopkinson, Plant Breeding
Dr Robert Hobbs FTSE, Metallurgy
Allan Roy, Aluminium Smelting Industry
Denis Hanley AM, Membrane Filtration Technology
Professor Jorg Imberger AM FREng FAA FTSE, Environmental Engineering

Dr Bruce Thomas, Antenna Design and Construction
Dr John Floyd AM FTSE, Metallurgy
Dr Robin Bedding FAA, Nematology
Emeritus Professor Bill Compston FAA FRS FTSE, Earth Sciences
Kevin Inkster, Entrepreneurship
Professor Peter Spadrow, Veterinary Science

Dr Frank Honey FTSE, Remote Sensing Technology
Dr Martin Cole FTSE, Smoke Detection Systems
John Brockwell, Agricultural Research
John Innes FTSE, Iron Ore Processing
Professor David Solomon AC FRS FAA FTSE, Polymer Chemistry
Professor Martin Green AM FRS FAA FTSE, Photovoltaic Research

Dr Geoffrey Grigg FTSE, Biotechnology
Dr Robert Henzell AM, Plant Breeding
Dr Roy Woodall AO FAA FTSE, Mineral Exploration
Dr Tony Priestley, Waste Treatment
Professor Ian Taylor, Reconstructive Surgery

Dr Robert Becher, Mineral Processing
Ewen Tyler AM, Diamond Exploration
Graeme Clark AC FAA FRS FTSE, Treatment of Deafness
Michael Penny, Airborne Laser Mapping
Professor Susan Serjeanston AO, Genetics and Medical Science

Dr John Gladstones AM FTSE, Plant Breeding
Ernest Dawes OBE FTSE, Scientific Equipment
Paul Trainor AO, Medical Equipment
Ralph Sarich, Automotive Engineering
Professor Donald Metcalf AC FAA FRS, Medical Research
Professor Graeme Jameson AO FREng FAA FTSE, Mineral Processing
Professor Mike Rickard FTSE, Veterinary Science

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients
Professor Jim Patrick AO FTSE 2015
Dr John Nutt AM FTSE 2014
Sir William Tyree Kt OBE FTSE 2012
Dr Roy Woodall AO FAA FTSE 2011
Professor John Boldeman AO FTSE 2010
Professor John Ralston AO FAA FTSE 2009
Professor Raymond Stalker AO FAA FTSE 2008
Professor Nancy Millis AC MBE FAA FTSE 2007
Professor John De Laeter AO FTSE 2006
Dr Joseph Baker AO OBE FTSE 2005
Emeritus Professor Frank Fenner 2002
Dr Phillip Law AC CBE FAA FTSE 2001
Professor Ralph Slatyer AO FRS FAA FTSE 2001
Sir Gus Nossal AC CBE FRS FAA FTSE 1999