Embracing our digital future

The workforce in all developed economies will be impacted by unprecedented levels of advanced automation. Australia is no exception and we must be prepared to adapt to this new reality.

Today’s digital technologies, including the internet, fixed and mobile broadband, and cloud services, are the basis of a newly emerging set of foundational technologies such as the Internet of Things, Big Data, machine learning and autonomous systems.

Technology is opening up advanced environmental management solutions, new diagnostic and preventative health techniques, and methods to detect, respond to and recover from natural disasters and emergency situations.

Australia’s productivity and competitiveness relies on an innovative industry sector that embraces research, technological innovation, and local and international collaboration.

Priority must be given to preparing Australian industry and society to be leaders and fast followers in the emergence and development of digital futures.

We can prosper if we ensure Australia’s manufacturing, production and services sectors have access to broadband, as well as low-power network technologies for the Internet of Things – opening the way for 3D printing, nanoscale fabrication, machine learning and automation.

The next generation of technological change will change the way we live, work and play, as automation, remote sensing and robotics are applied to an increasing range of activities.

Ownership of and access to data is a key issue and consumers are central to this. Importantly, data ownership must not be allowed to create new “digital monopolies”, nor inhibit innovation by forcing data sharing.

Our work will focus on identifying key actions that will assist industry and government to prepare for digital transformation opportunities and to address current social needs.

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