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Health technology report

April 7 2020

Australia needs a new prescription for healthcare – a focus on prevention and wellness, enabled by technology.

To help meet this challenge, the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) has drawn on expertise from across the nation to prepare a map for step-change, to prepare A New Prescription: preparing for a healthcare transformation.

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For several decades, Australia’s healthcare system has increased life expectancy and improved quality of life.

Now healthcare in Australia is under strain, challenged by an ageing population, chronic illnesses, evolving consumer behaviour, and changes in the type and frequency of
emerging diseases.

The digital revolution has readied Australia for a more rounded approach to wellness, and a radical shift to preventive healthcare. A New Prescription outlines how we can take best advantage of existing and emerging technology, to kick-start that shift.

In the decade to 2030, we predict:

  • paper files will disappear, replaced by secure electronic health records
  • health professionals will share patient information through universally accessible software
  • big data will enable accurate monitoring and prediction of population health trends
  • precision medicine will be more common, with prevention and treatment targeted to individuals
  • genetic testing and screening for preventable disease will become affordable
  • smart devices, mobile health and telehealth – all linked through a digital health record – will enable a real-time holistic picture of a person’s health.
  • technological solutions to the problems of distance and mobility will enable affordable healthcare access for more Australians, when and where we need it.

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Doctor talking with a senior patient. Telemedicine concept