ATSE's plan for a technology powered, human driven future.

Election 2022

ATSE’s Federal Election Hub

As Australia grapples with the profound economic impact of COVID-19, the country has a unique opportunity to position itself as a technological powerhouse driven by a clean and sustainable economy, highly skilled workforce and world-class research activity and commercialisation.

The coming decade will see the culmination of a unique set of challenges associated with decarbonising the economy, managing the decline of many industries, and training the workforce needed for an increasingly digital future.

Leading into the next Federal Election, this page will be frequently updated with submissions, news and insights.

Kylie Walker is looking at the camera and smiling. She is standing in a room with a 3D printer.

Opinion Piece – CEO Kylie Walker

Will the 2022 Election shape a technology-powered, human-driven future?

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Tracker — Election promises 2022

See what the major parties are promising in each of the seven themes for a tech powered, human driven future.

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Electric vehicle charging

2022 Federal Election Position Statement

Our official Position Statement on the upcoming election

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Time to tie pieces of research translation pipeline together.

Opinion piece in the Financial Review by Professor Emma Johnston FTSE and Peter Derbyshire.

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WEB Election22 Hub-

Budget Wrap

ATSE’s review of the announcements from the Federal Budget papers that relate to creating a Technology Powered, Human Driven Future.

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Federal Budget a starting point but lacks a long-term strategy to safeguard Australia’s economy, society and environment.

ATSE’s response to the Federal budget.

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WEB Election 22 Hub-2

Budget reply a starting point for a renewable future and strengthened sovereign capabilities but lacks detail.

ATSE’s response to the opposition’s reply to the Federal budget

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ATSE’s CEO Kylie Walker responds to the budget

A budget for a tech powered, human driven future.

ATSE recommends three policy priorities

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WEB Election 22 Hub-8

ATSE’s pre-budget submission

In our pre-budget submission, ATSE recommends three policy priorities.

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