Submission to the Australian Curriculum Review



ATSE, Engineers Australia and the Australian Council of Engineering Deans support the aims of the Australian Curriculum Review to ensure the curriculum continues to meet the needs of students and provides clear guidance for teachers. However, there are areas where the STEM Learning Areas could be strengthened. 

The world is undergoing a period of immense technological, social, economic, and environmental change, and this review of the Australian curriculum is a timely opportunity to bring Australia’s education system into line with contemporary challenges and emerging knowledge in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), and school education.

This review should also consider changes to make the Australian curriculum more inclusive to all students, and to provide equal opportunity to access high quality STEM education and careers. In particular, the review should seek to equip schools to build girls’ capability and interest in STEM.

The curriculum reform must fundamentally strive for excellence and inclusion of all young people, and so it should seek to address key gaps in STEM education, including declining academic performance and engagement with STEM subjects.

What [is needed] is an in-depth and future-focused review of whole of STEM school education that was obviously outside the scope of this curriculum review.