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Elevate consultation briefing

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Elevate consultation briefing

Elevate boosting women in STEM

The briefing report provides insight into the findings from the consultation process, and the principles and plans that inform implementation of ATSE’s Elevate: Boosting women in STEM program. The qualitative online tool (survey) was developed to gather feedback against the selected topics. This approach offered the community an opportunity to contribute to the depth they felt comfortable with, on topics of most interest.

The consultation process was conducted by Rapid Context, which has provided ATSE with support on survey development and the deidentified data analysis. We acknowledge their work in producing the public consultation briefing for the Elevate Program.

The Consultation Briefing covers the consultation process, who was consulted, findings from the consultation on the topics of Audience, Post-education skills, Workforce structures, Partnerships, and Evaluation, moving from consultation to implementation, and next steps for Elevate.

ATSE appreciates the time and effort of the individuals and organisations who participated in the consultation. Their perspectives and insights have helped shape the Elevate Program.


Thankyou to our partners

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