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Elevate Scholarship guidelines

Please read the Elevate Scholarship guidelines in full before applying.

These guidelines contain information related to the process of selecting Elevate scholars for the 2023 round of scholarships for the Elevate: Boosting Women in STEM program (‘Elevate’) and the conditions of the award for the Elevate scholarships.  

This document sets out:
(a) the Elevate Program and scholarship opportunities
(b) the eligibility requirements and selection criteria
(c) the process of and timeline for application consideration
(d) the expectations of scholars engaging in the program.

Elevate scholarship guidelines cover


Process and timeline for application consideration
The deadline for Elevate scholarships for 2023 is 11:59pm 30th September 2022. Any applications received after this deadline will be considered for scholarships starting in 2024. The Elevate team highly encourages applicants to start the application process early. 

Timeline for study beginning in 2023
Applications open 9:00am, 29 July 2022
Deadline for 2023 consideration 11:59pm, 30 September 2022
Assessment period 9:00am 01 October 2022
Scholarships announced November 2022
Scholarships commence January 2023   

Applications will be open year-round.
Each year, ATSE will review applications for the following year. Any applications received after the deadline will be considered for scholarships starting the following year. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the payments for the three categories of scholarship?

The table below outlines the payment for full-time students (AUD$) in each category of scholarship. Part-time students will be paid pro-rata.

  Undergraduate Postgraduate Leadership
Maximum duration of scholarship 3 years 3 years 2 years
Maximum scholarship funding $30,000 $82,000 $70,000