Emerging Leaders Network

ATSE Emerging Leaders Network

ATSE’s Emerging Leaders Network will support 20 high-potential young people from diverse backgrounds to grow their capability as emerging leaders. They will be valued and included in ATSE’s policy work to help Australians understand and use technology to solve complex problems.

ATSE’s Emerging Leaders Network will enhance the contribution that youth in STEM in Australia can make to applied science, technology, and engineering to solve the big issues facing our nation in a fast-changing world. The Network will enable competitively selected participants the opportunity to:
• Enhance their leadership capacities
• Work and learn alongside senior scholars and industry leaders within ATSE’s Fellowship
• Be mentored by senior scholars and industry leaders within ATSE’s Fellowship, and
• Contribute to robust and practical thinking to inform Australia’s response to complex challenges.

Members of the Network will have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for influencing policy, engaging with senior leaders, and expanding their professional networks across the breadth of Australian STEM leadership.


Applications for the ATSE Emerging Leaders Network will open on Friday 1 September 2023.

The selected participants will commence their activities in November 2023.

The ATSE Emerging Leaders Network Guidelines outline the scope of work, ATSE’s Forums and the International Steering Group, the structure of the ATSE Emerging Leaders Network, roles and responsibilities, and benefits of members of the ATSE Emerging Leaders Network. It also includes information on the eligibility criteria, process, and time of application consideration.

Applications should be completed in the form below. In the form you will be required to upload a letter of reference, which should:
• Be on official letterhead
• Contain your referee’s current contact information: title, full name and email address, contact phone (for business hours calls)
• Describe the professional relationship between the candidate and the referee (max 100 words): How long have you known the candidate? In what context?
• Provide a statement to support the application to be a member of the ATSE Emerging Leadership Network (max 200 words): Demonstrated leadership capabilities; commitment to social justice; and knowledge of the STEM sector

Applications close in late September 2023.

The ATSE Emerging Leaders Network has been established with the aim to support youth in STEM bring unique perspectives to many of the national and global challenges that society faces and will in turn bring new perspectives to ATSE’s policy and advocacy work. The network will provide youth with an opportunity to develop leadership capacity, work and learn alongside established scholars and industry personnel within the ATSE Fellowship, and contribute to robust and practical thinking to Australia’s big debates.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss this application in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact ATSE at STEMcareers@atse.org.au or 02 6185 3240.

ATSE is committed to providing equitable access and therefore if you would prefer to submit your application in a different format (for example a zoom meet up with our team, a pre-recorded video or a series of drawings), please contact the team at STEMcareers@atse.org.au



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To be eligible for the ELN you must be 25-40 years of age at the time of application.
Please ensure this is a number ATSE can reach you on during business hours - mobile preferred.

Demographic information

ATSE values inclusion and applications will be reviewed using an equitable, intersectional approach. How you identify will be taken into account in the assessment process. Applicants will be given the choice as to how they identify, relative to them and their circumstances. All applicants will be considered for membership even if they do not identify with or choose not to disclose, however diversity will be regarded in the selection process. Language is a powerful tool for inclusion. We have endeavoured to use inclusive language, questions and response options. We recognise that certain labels or descriptions may not capture the breadth and depth different groups, and that descriptions change over time. Our intention is and has always been to be inclusive of everyone. We welcome further discussions and feedback from you on how we can continue to improve. By voluntarily providing this information, you consent to the collection and storage by the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering of your individual identify data and will be protected in accordance with ATSE’s privacy policy. Applicants will be able to chose whether they want to identify publicly for any associated media or publications, however this is optional and is not a requirement. Without consent, this information will not be used.
Please select any of the criteria you personally would like to identify with.
This is optional, and is not required even if none, one or multiple diversity criteria is selected.

STEM background and experience

Include information like the name of your STEM degree/qualification, whether you obtained it within or outside Australia, year of commencement and completion, research or coursework, STEM discipline(s), majors and minors.

Interest in and commitment to ATSE’S Emerging Leaders Network

These prompts are meant to inspire and guide you in articulating your interest in the network and showcasing your suitability as a candidate. You are not required to address all of these prompts, feel free to focus on the aspects that resonate most with you as well as bring in your own ideas and experiences.
Why do you aspire to become a leader who wants to make positive changes for the STEM sector? How does being an ELN member align with your goals (personal or professional)? Tell us about your interest in engaging with policy in the field of STEM to enact change and solve today’s big issues. Demonstrate how your leadership skills can contribute to the growth and success of ATSE’s Emerging Leaders Network. What unique insights and contributions would you bring to the ELN? How does this opportunity fit well with your strengths? When talking about your strengths, think about how your lived experience, research experience, your social networks and skills, capability and ambition would support you successfully participate and contribute to the ELN.
What changes would you make as a member of the ELN? You can think of changes at an individual level, within your family or your own community, in the workplace, in the STEM sector or at the wider social level. What would you do to contribute to the goals of the ELN? Are you particularly interested in influencing or addressing a specific structural barrier to diversity and inclusion in the STEM? Why?
How would the ELN benefit you at the personal, academic and professional level? What could be the benefits for your wider community if relevant (for example the community of people living with disability, LGBTIQ+ community, women having caring responsibilities, women living in the remote and regional areas, women with disability)? Where do you see yourself personally and professionally in 5 years? How would the opportunity to become a member of the ELN help you to grow and achieve this personal and professional aspiration?
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
The letter of reference should be on official letterhead. Include full name, title and contact details of the referee. Describe the professional relationship between the candidate and the referee: how long have you know the candidate and in what context? (max 100 words). Provide a statement to support the application to be a member of the Emerging Leadership Network of ATSE, e.g. in terms of leadership capabilities, commitment to social justice, solid knowledge of the STEM sectors (max 200 words).