Advances in autonomous technology

This presentation was recorded on Wednesday 7 July 2021. 

Automation has always been front of mind for industry as it strives to streamline, modernise, and grow. Recent advancements in autonomous technologies driven by artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics are assisting industry to automate tasks and progresses on a scale not previously seen and to a degree is continually raising the bottom line.

Join us for this exciting webinar as we join Dr Sue Keay & Professor Ross McAree to learn about the applications of advances in AI & Robotics and what autonomous systems are helping to automate Australia’s industry.

Autonomous Systems – it’s a trust thing
Professor Ross McAree FTSE
Head of School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering
University of Queensland

Advances in AI and Robotics and their potential applications
Dr Sue Keay
Chief Executive Officer
Queensland AI Hub

John McGagh FTSE

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