Webinar recording

Australia’s International Space Race

18 August 2021

This was recorded on Wednesday 18 August 2021.

Australia has always punched above its weight in science, technology & engineering and our foray into the international space race has been no different.

With the creation of the Australian Space Agency in 2018 we have only strengthened our position on the global stage, forging new opportunities and allowing us to work more collaboratively across states, agencies, and research institutes. We’ve been in the race since the Moon landing, when Canberra’s Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station transmitted the first images back to earth, and we are creating the future space communications network using lasers. Along the way we’ve supported many individuals to have successful space careers here and abroad.

Katherine Bennell
Dr Sascha Schediwy

Mr Dongke Zhang FTSE, ATSE WA Division
Chair Emeritus Professor Graeme Dandy FTSE, ATSE SA & NT Division Chair

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