ACT Division — AGM Presentation

Biotechnology for food security in Africa

30 September 2020

This presentation was recording during the ACT Division AGM Wednesday 30 September 2020.

Presented by Professor TJ Higgins 

His major research focus is the application of gene technology for plant improvement. He is particularly interested in protecting food legumes from insect pests and enhancing the nutritional quality of plant products for feed and food uses. Most of his current work is aimed at increasing food security in Africa and South Asia.

Cowpea project

Professor TJ Higgins
Professor TJ Higgins

Originally from Ireland, Higgins’ first degrees were in agricultural science from the National University of Ireland. He gained a PhD from the University of California, Davis and moved to Australia as a Post-doctoral Fellow at the Australian National University. Shortly after, he joined CSIRO Plant Industry, from which he retired as a Chief Research Scientist and Deputy Chief.

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