Boosting Board experience through Elevate as DMTC Guest of the Chair

27 April 2023

The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) and defence innovation specialists DMTC Limited are proud to announce Elevate scholar Ms Yang-Ming Goh as the inaugural recipient of a DMTC Guest of the Chair Fellowship.  

The Elevate program, led by ATSE and supported by the Department of Science, Industry and Resources commenced in 2023 and will award up to 500 undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships to women in STEM. 

Elevate partner organisation DMTC has designed the Guest of the Chair position as a mentoring experience that facilitates an Elevate Leadership scholar to gain board-level experience within Australia’s innovation ecosystem. 

As the Guest of the Chair, Ms Goh will gain skills and capacity as a future industry leader and a new level of management, financial planning and corporate governance experience.  A Lead Electrical Engineer for capital projects at Bluescope, Ms Goh is currently a Leadership scholar within the Elevate program whilst she is pursuing an MBA. 

Elevate scholars are supported with a range of opportunities to extend their skills and networks in the STEM sector. DMTC has established this competitive Fellowship to support Elevate Leadership scholars to develop experience and confidence in the boardroom. 

DMTC Chair Mr Tony Quick said this opportunity is a win-win-win for the organisation, for the Elevate scholar, and for the sector. 

“Investing in the next generation of leaders is an integral part of DMTC’s contribution to the defence sector, and will also help to create a sustainable and diverse pipeline of STEM talent that can realise opportunities for the nation in the coming decades. 

“We are excited to have Ms Goh join us as an emerging leader and Board observer. This will enable her to add her voice and perspective to strategic discussions, and to build her understanding of corporate governance and leadership. 

“As much as we hope Yang-Ming benefits from the experience, I expect our Board to benefit from the new perspectives that the Guest of the Chair will bring, and from learning about current and emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities in STEM,” Mr Quick said. 

DMTC Ltd  Annual Conference, Canberra - Thursday, 13 April 2023 - 10.59AM

L to R: Georgina Ovin (Elevate Program Administrator), Yang-Ming Goh (Elevate Leadership Scholar), Alison Every (Elevate Program Manager), Harry Baxter (Head of Government Relations, DMTC), Lily Attwood (Elevate Postgraduate Research Scholar) and Scarlet Kong (Elevate Advisory Group, DMTC). Photo: Steve Keough

ATSE CEO Kylie Walker emphasises that creating opportunities like the Guest of the Chair role is essential to propel women into leadership.  

“We are delighted that the sector is connecting Elevate scholars with STEM leaders and immersing them in inclusive networks. Professional development through direct engagement with the structures and mechanics of executive leadership provides capacity and capability building that will propel women into positions of influence. 

“Enabling every scholar to shape their future in STEM is only possible with support from the sector and from partners like DMTC, through creating roles where they can extend their skills and learn alongside leaders,” Kylie Walker said. 

As Guest of the Chair, Ms Goh was invited to join the DMTC Annual Conference in Canberra earlier in April to provide her with a comprehensive overview of the cutting-edge science and technology innovations pursued across DMTC’s portfolio of R&D projects. 

Kylie Walker is available for interview

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About Elevate: 

The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences & Engineering’s Elevate: Boosting Women in STEM program will award up to 500 undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships to women in STEM. The Elevate Program aims to address gender inequities in STEM through fostering more women-led industry-academia collaborations in applied research and business, growing professional skills of women in STEM and propelling women into leadership.  

 About DMTC:  

A not-for-profit company established in 2008, DMTC creates and enhances Australian industrial capability and skills through designing and executing collaborative technology development and innovation activities in the defence, national security, health and biosecurity and related sectors. 

 About ATSE: 

The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering is a Learned Academy of independent experts helping Australians understand and use technology to solve complex problems.