International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences

CAETS Communication Prize – 2023 Applications open

30 March 2023

LKIN CAETS comms prize

The CAETS Communication Prize recognises effective audiovisual communication to a general audience of how applied technology and engineering has been or can be used to address a real-world problem, and the resulting benefits to the economy or society.

The prize is judged in a two-step process. Firstly, each CAETS member academy selects a national winner. This national winner is then submitted to the international CAETS Prize, and assessed by an international judging panel drawn from CAETS member academies. One international winner will be selected.

Applications for Australian judging close 11:59pm AEST Friday 12 May 2023.

Engineering Innovation Stories

In 2023, the CAETS Communication Prize has been consolidated into one category: Engineering Innovation Stories. Entry is open to all.

The Prize will be awarded to the most outstanding audiovisual communication of excellence and innovation in technological sciences or engineering.

The winning entry will have clearly communicated the successful identification of and solution for a problem, with the outcome being of benefit to the economy or society, either nationally or internationally.

The video submissions may outline the problem and an evidence-based or applied solution that has either had a successful outcome or can be proven over time.

Video prerequisites

Videos should contain the following content:

  • A description of the problem being solved and its relevance to the real world, including how it is applied
  • A clear and simple explanation of the technology, how it works and why it is novel
  • If relevant, the impact that the solution has had already (number of installations, users, customers, etc.)
  • Credits: names and affiliations of the researchers and developers, logo of their organisation, logo of the Academy submitting the video (for international submission).

Judging criteria

At a minimum, your entry must meet these criteria:

  • Videos must be no longer than five minutes.
  • May be in any language but must carry English subtitles. It is the responsibility of the submitting candidate to ensure the accuracy of the subtitles.
  • Submitted by a member Academy.

Each entry will be ranked against the following criteria:

  • Clearly targeted at a general non-technical audience with a focus on inspiring youth/student segments
  • Plain language intelligible to a general audience (video must clearly explain why the problem is important before describing the nature of the solution)
  • Articulates an innovation that solves a meaningful problem using technology (either globally or locally) and highlights successful practical application where relevant
  • Credible and verifiable

Obligations of entrants

Entrants are to provide explicit written permission for the video to be promoted internationally in traditional and social media, CAETS and its member academies’ websites and other collateral.

The video may be used in whole or part at the discretion of CAETS and its member academies, and entrants are to waive their rights to compensation for the use of the material provided in the footage for marketing and promotional purposes.


Videos and completed entry forms should be submitted via email to by 11:59pm AEST Friday 12 May.

Video links should be provided either to a file hosting system (e.g. DropBox) or to video hosting site (e.g. YouTube).

Quick guide to filming your video: