International Mentoring Day

Celebrating IMNIS Mentors

17 January 2022

January 17th is International Mentoring Day and around the world the value of mentoring is being celebrated. Mentors empower, inspire, challenge, strengthen and connect others through strategic networking, skills exchange and knowledge transfer.  

The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) celebrates the industry leaders mentoring Australia’s leading PhD students and early career researchers as part of its industry engagement initiative – the Industry Mentoring Network in STEM (IMNIS). 

Through the one-year IMNIS Engage program, IMNIS Mentors share information on areas of job growth and development in their industry, the latest on R&D and innovations, as well as many opportunities for training, careers and networking. 

IMNIS provides an opportunity for industry leaders to give back and contribute to the professional development of the next generation of STEM leaders – Australia’s future workforce. 

ATSE would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our esteemed IMNIS Mentors for sharing their time, expertise, and experience so willingly. 

At the halfway point of our 2021/22 IMNIS Engage Program, Mentorloop surveyed a number of our Mentors to gauge their experience with the program and we share their insights on mentorship below. 

Andrew Barker

Andrew Barker is a Senior Manager at RSM Australia Pty Ltd and has been a committed IMNIS Mentor since 2018. When asked about what he hoped to get out of the IMNIS program, Andrew responded,No longer working in academia, mentoring opportunities are limited and I found I was missing the interactions with young people that teaching in the tertiary sector gave me. I hoped IMNIS would fill that gap, which it most certainly has! Seeing my mentees develop and flourish has been a deeply satisfying aspect of the program. 

Andrew was also asked about tips or advice for prospective mentors, and he said, 

“Remember that it is about the mentee, not about you, so make sure you listen!” 

Andrew Barker is smiling and looking just to the side of the camera. He wears a collared business shirt.
Kylie Hargreaves is smiling and looking at the camera. She wear a black shirt and a blue blazer.

Kylie Hargreaves

Kylie Hargreaves is the chair of the Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP), amongst many other roles.  Kylie has been a dedicated IMNIS Mentor since 2018. When asked about what she hoped to get out of the IMNIS program, Kylie responded, “As a mentor I hoped I would be able to help my mentee to understand the wide array of potential employment opportunities available to them, especially in industry.” 

Kylie was also asked about how mentoring has changed her professional or personal life, she responded: 

“I love the fact that being a mentor with IMNIS exposes me to people with different backgrounds, skill sets and interests to mine. Spending time with them broadens my understanding of the world and how others experience it. Those sorts of opportunities are enrichening, even if they are brief.”

Linda Somerville

Linda Somerville is a consultant and owner at Linfaws Consulting Ltd. Linda has been an IMNIS Mentor since 2020 and is part of ATSE’s inaugural IMNIS International program for 2021-22. When asked what she thought was the secret to a good mentoring relationship, Linda responded, “Patience plays an integral part in a successful mentoring relationship.  Both Mentor and Mentee are learning from each other during the journey, so patience is key.”

Linda Somerville is smiling and looking at the camera.
Simon Molyneux is smiling and looking at the camera. He wears black glasses, a white collared shirt, red tie, and blue jacket.

Simon Molyneux

Simon Molyneux is the Founder and Managing Director of Molyneux Advisors Pty Ltd. Simon has been engaged with IMNIS as a mentor since 2018. Simon was asked about tips and advice he would share with those new to mentoring, and he responded:  

“It [Mentoring] is real leadership. Without corporate structures and financial incentives, together the mentor and mentee work towards outcomes. By setting goals to achieve, supportive conversations and feedback extraordinary outcomes can be achieved. “ 

If you would like to learn more about becoming an industry mentor with ATSE’s award-winning IMNIS Engage program, please contact Scott Cummins, IMNIS Program Manager – Engage at or 0415 114 395.

Sarah Crowe has pink and purple hair and wears black glasses. She is looking at the camera and smiling.

Sarah Crowe

IMNIS Program Administrator