Barley geneticist

Professor Chengdao Li FTSE

Chengdao Li

Professor Chengdao Li FTSE

Professor Chengdao Li is a geneticist and breeder who has developed breeding technologies and released world leading varieties to facilitate Australia’s barley industry transformation.

He was instrumental in developing China as a $1 billion malting barley market, collaborating with major customers to enrich their understanding of Australian barley.

His pioneering research on barley tolerance to acidic soil laid a strong foundation for the future sustainability of Australian barley.

Chengdao’s team is now developing technologies for new lupin and oat varieties. Australia produces 70% of the world’s lupins, and demand is increasing for plant-based protein to help reduce carbon emissions and aid food security.

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Plant geneticist

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Role and organisation (at time of election)
Professor and Director, Western Crop Genetics Alliance, Murdoch University
Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

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Professor Chengdao Li was elected a Fellow of the Academy in 2021.

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