Focus International No.2: Australia / China: Cooperating for a brighter future

Global links in S&T for a better world
By Michael Manton 
ATSE has an established track record in delivering high-quality bilateral activities with China over the past 30 years.

Science cooperation holds the key to a brighter future
By Chen Yuming
Remarkable achievements have been made in our science cooperation in the past three decades and more, making China the third-largest science partner for Australia.

The Australia-China science and research partnership
By Geoff Raby
Regular high-level visits between the two countries demonstrate the strength and importance of the bilateral relationship.

Can Australia save the world?
By Zhengrong Shi
Suntech is the world’s largest producer of solar panels, having supplied more than 13,000,000 panels to thousands of customers in more than 80 countries.

CSIRO and China
By Megan Clark
Collaboration with China has included agricultural sciences, astronomy, preventative health, climate change, remote sensing and zoology.
True partners in science and research
By Mary Finlay
China is an important scientific power and both countries benefit from Australia–China research collaboration.
Stronger collaborations hold a key to prosperity
By Dongke Zhang
Working with China is an important strategy if we are to have global influence and realise our scientific and educational ideology and have a greater global impact.

Promoting science exchange through grants
By Mark Wainwright
The Australia–China Council now supports science and technology-related activities, alongside education, culture and the arts and economic and trade projects.