Carbon Neutral Agriculture

Future Investment & Technology

3 August 2021

Recording of a webinar held on Tuesday 3 August 2021.

This webinar, the third in a series hosted by ATSE’s Agriculture and Food Forum, explored the investment needs and technological opportunities to achieve carbon neutral agriculture by 2050.

Australia’s agricultural industries will need to develop and implement a suite of new technologies to achieve carbon neutrality. Governments and industries will need to make considerable R&D investment to support new technologies, to support ‘indirect’ investments made by farmers through their R&D levies. Implementing technologies on farms will also need considerable investment, although healthy returns may be realised for farmers and investors as many new technologies offer opportunities to improve productivity and possibly increase market premiums.

Alexandra Gartmann
Bendigo Bank Group Executive Partnerships, Marketing & Corporate Affairs and CEO of the Rural Bank

Peter Grace
Professor of Global Change at QUT

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