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Dr Graeme Moad FTSE FAA

Graeme Moad

Dr Graeme Moad FTSE FAA

Dr Graeme Moad is a renowned chemist at the forefront of polymer science in Australia and internationally.

Natural polymers include proteins such as hair and wool, polysaccharides such as cotton and starch, and DNA. Synthetic polymers which include plastics are now essential to modern life being used in electronics, biomedicine and nanotechnology.

Graeme was a key inventor of CSIRO’s RAFT technology, which has garnered worldwide acclaim. Using preeminent radical chemistry, it precisely controls the composition and architecture, and therefore the properties, of synthetic polymers, something previously believed unattainable. Today, RAFT can be used in manufacturing materials from solar cells and paints, to cosmetics, and even biomaterials, polymer therapeutics and improved drug delivery methods.

In 2020, Graeme was awarded the prestigious David Craig Medal for his outstanding contributions to chemistry. His extensive expertise supports initiatives
to develop a circular economy for plastics.

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Dr Graeme Moad was elected a Fellow of the Academy in 2021.

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