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Increased industry research collaboration essential

26 February 2021

The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) supports moves to incentivise university collaboration with industry.

The Federal Education Minister Alan Tudge has launched a consultation paper today, seeking feedback on how universities, businesses and governments could work better together to take ideas from the laboratory to market.

ATSE believes collaboration between Australia’s research workforce and industry sector will be critical to support growth in onshore jobs following the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Australia has a world-class research base but our performance in translating publicly funded research outputs into economic benefits can be improved,” said ATSE Chief Executive Kylie Walker.

“There are opportunities to build on leading initiatives like the Cooperative Research Centres and the work of the CSIRO.”

Realising the commercial benefits from research is an important piece of the innovation puzzle.

It helps businesses to improve efficiency, solve problems and drive long-term job creation, productivity growth and economic renewal.

In its budget submission ATSE calls for a 20 per cent public-private collaboration premium in the R&D tax incentive.

ATSE believes the government’s consultation paper is an important piece of public policy and we encourage the research and industry sectors to contribute.

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