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Distinguished Professor Ivan Marusic FAA FTSE

Ivan Marusic

Distinguished Professor Ivan Marusic FTSE FAA

Distinguished Professor Ivan Marusic is an eminent researcher on fluid mechanics – forces and flow in liquids and gasses. Turbulence is the most common and complicated type of fluid motion. 

Many seemingly simple questions remain unanswered. It becomes even more complex when flows are bounded by a solid surface.

Ivan’s discovery of ‘superstructures’ in wall-bounded turbulence was a breakthrough. The behaviour of superstructures in near-wall turbulence regulates the drag force on planes and ships, the distribution of heat in the atmosphere, and the energy required to deliver fluids through pipelines.

Ivan’s discoveries have influenced the modelling of environmental flows in rivers, lakes and seas, and the design of pipes, ships and planes.

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Fluid mechanics

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Deputy Dean (Research), Faculty of Engineering and IT
The University of Melbourne 

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Distinguished Professor Ivan Marusic was elected a Fellow of the Academy in 2021.

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