Bushfire behaviour researcher

Professor Jason Sharples FTSE

Jason Sharples

Professor Jason Sharples FTSE

Professor Jason Sharples is a mathematical scientist and internationally recognised expert in dynamic bushfire behaviour and extreme bushfire development.

His research has extensively influenced policy and practice in Australia and internationally. The recommendations of the NSW Bushfire Inquiry into the 2019-20 bushfires
are framed by Jason’s research.

Using complex predictive mathematical models, Jason aims to prevent big fires forming by forecasting danger periods and predicting areas where small fires could develop into big ones.

He directs several national research projects and contributes to international professional dialogue.

A Bundjalung man, Jason says Indigenous Australians have been innovators and scientists for thousands of years, a heritage that can continue today, especially through fire and land management.

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Bushfire behaviour

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Professor of Bushfire Dynamics
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Professor Jason Sharples was elected a Fellow of the Academy in 2021.