Leaders in engineering education appointed to ATSE Board

29 November 2021

ATSE Board members

Visionary engineering leader Professor Elanor Huntington FTSE has been named a Board Director of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE).

Professor Huntington is a transformational leader with a compelling vision of how engineering must change to meet the challenges of the future. She is passionate about improving the ability and responsibility of engineers to transform society.

Elanor brings to the ATSE Board a wealth of experience, vision, and commitment which she has injected through multiple boards and agencies across Australia. In each position, she has created strategic and operational plans that deliver impact. As Dean of the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science, Elanor helped to double and diversify funding, including a 7-fold increase in philanthropic funding and a 2-fold increase in industry research funding. She is currently the Executive Director – Digital, National Facilities & Collections for CSIRO.

Elanor also holds multiple “first woman to …” credits in her varied experience and is on a mission to leave behind a better and more inclusive STEM sector.

Professor lven Mareels FTSE has also been elected for his second term on the Board, and will continue as ATSE’s Vice President Financial Sustainability.

Professor Mareels was elected to the Academy in 2000, and served one term on the board since 2018. In the last two years he was the Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee and Vice-President Financial Sustainability.

lven brings to the ATSE Board a mixture of academic leadership, research and development in an academic and an industry setting, as well as industry experience from the world of multi-nationals as well as start-ups.

In a time that digital transformation is high on the agenda for the government in its endeavours to ensure economic prosperity of the country, lven’s experience as Director for the Centre for Applied Research in IBM Australia / New Zealand is an asset.

In 2008 Iven was awarded the Clunies Ross Award for a new approach to managing large scale open channel water distribution networks.

“We’re delighted to welcome Professor Huntington to ATSE’s Board, and thank Professor Mareels for his continued leadership and service,” ATSE President Hugh Bradlow.

“Their vision, diligence, and commitment to boosting the role of technological scientists and engineers in shaping a progressive Australian society has been a defining feature of their careers.”

“Their strategic, pragmatic, resilient and inclusive attributes make them valuable contributors to the ATSE Board. We look forward to working with them to strengthen the Academy’s position as the pre-eminent body in Australia assisting Australians to understand and use technology to solve complex problems”.