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Distinguished Professor Menachem Elimelech FTSE

Menachem Elimelech


Distinguished Professor Menachem Elimelech FTSE

Distinguished Professor Menachem Elimelech is an acclaimed environmental engineer, widely known for his work addressing the global water crisis.

More than 3.2 billion people live in areas of significant water shortage. Unchecked, demand for water will exceed supply by 40% in 2030. Desalination — including of seawater, brackish water and wastewater — is effective in augmenting water supply, but the process is
energy intensive.

Menachem researches physical and chemical processes at the nexus of water and energy, including high performance membranes for energy-efficient desalination and wastewater re-use; advanced materials for water decontamination; and environmental applications of nanomaterials.

Menachem founded Yale’s renowned Environmental Engineering Program in 1998. He has received major international awards, including the prestigious Eni Prize, and educated and mentored the next generation of university professors and industry leaders in this field.

He has also made a significant contribution to research collaborations in Australia.

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Environmental engineering, water desalination

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Foreign Fellow

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Sterling Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Yale University (USA)

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Distinguished Professor Menachem Elimelech FTSE was elected a Fellow of the Academy in 2021.

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